Coaching Out of the Box®

5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training Program


What would your organization be like if…

  1. BulletEveryone really LISTENED instead of being worried about covering his or her backside?

  2. BulletEveryone was ENCOURAGING instead of being filled with “drama” and doom?

  3. BulletEveryone was open to QUESTIONING and exploring instead of jumping to safe conclusions?

  4. BulletEveryone made REQUESTS instead of taking power trips with unreasonable demands?

  5. BulletEveryone PLANNED NEW ACTIONS and set new goals instead of being stuck in the same old rut?

What would your organization be like if…

  1. BulletEveryone IDENTIFIED the real problem instead of working on symptoms?

  2. BulletEveryone dug deeper to DISCOVER the real challenges and issues instead of blaming others?

  3. BulletEveryone STRATEGIZED new ideas instead of being overcome by limited thinking?

  4. BulletEveryone found ways to CLEAR THE PATH instead of sabotaging the efforts of others (and even themselves)?

  5. BulletEveryone took ACCOUNTABILITY for the results they are responsible for?

What would your organization be like if…

  1. BulletEveryone was CURIOUS instead of closed-minded?

  2. BulletEveryone was SUPPORTIVE instead of making others wrong all the time?

  3. BulletEveryone was ACCEPTING of the perspectives of others instead of shutting themselves away in isolation?

  4. BulletEveryone was FOCUSED and results driven instead of being distracted?

  5. BulletEveryone was COMMITTED and willing to do what it takes instead of holding back due to perceived barriers?

What would your organization be like if everyone around you was…

  1. BulletAware of what to do next?

  2. BulletConfident?

  3. BulletInspired?

  4. BulletEnergized?

  5. BulletEmpowered?

Introducing Coaching Out of the Box® 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Training for managers and leaders of all levels that teaches basic coaching skills so your organization…

  1. Bullethas more impact at lower cost

  2. Bulletembraces a culture of change

  3. Bulletmakes changes stick through mutual accountability and support

  4. Bulletreinforces the skills and behaviours needed for success

  5. Bulletbuilds internal capacity and knowledge for greater retention and team engagement.

Business today is about rapidly changing expectations, technologies, and market demands.  The only thing that is constant is change itself.  Competitive edge means maximizing everyone’s engagement, potential and performance.  Coaching provides a path to sustainability for organizations and individuals to leverage the skills and tools they have in creating a culture for personal development that leads to increased organizational results.

Coaching Out of The Box® 5/5/5 is specially designed to support individuals and organizations in leveraging the power and value of coaching to…

  1. BulletLeverage time and resources

  2. BulletCreate economies of scale and effect change

  3. BulletHarness the collective wisdom of your team and create a community of inspired leaders

  4. BulletProvide scalability to use across the organization for higher accountability

  5. BulletIncrease the ability to make changes and training really stick

HR Monthly has reported, "Recent studies show coaching is one of the most effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and development in the individual, group and organization."   Organizations are increasingly investing in their human resources through leadership and coaching skills development. These investments are creating the difference; the difference that retains and attracts creative team members and provides the robust level of productivity that allows an organization to move from good to GREAT.

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services’ Coaching and Philanthropy Project showed that leaders benefit from coaching with a safe space for reflection, increased self-awareness and higher levels of confidence and clarity while the organization simultaneously benefits from better leadership and management, smoother transitions, and stronger leadership teams.

Uniscan Consulting Inc., with our team of Certified Executive Coaches, partners with organizations and assists them in achieving their full potential .  We coach leaders who are committed to excellence and support your organizational growth and sustainability through a balance of focus, structure, leadership and people.

In creating a Coaching Culture within your organization, we offer the following:

    A combination of skills training and individual coaching

  1. a.Coaching Out of The Box® 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Workshop. A coaching and leadership skills workshop that interactively teaches participants basic, hands-on coaching skills, and provides tools and a process for establishing a successful coaching exchange. This workshop can be delivered in a one-day format or two- or three half-days.

  1. b.Group Coaching Recap Sessions.  A two-hour session, preferably five or six weeks after the 5/5/5 workshop, with the participants to evaluate what was learned and how to continue to develop and implement coaching skills.

  1. c.Supplemental 5/5/5 Workshop Coaching. Each participant will be individually coached for a period of 2 months following the workshop. The purpose of these coaching sessions is to support each leader in further developing their coaching skills and refining their coaching style while supporting, brainstorming and strategizing specific leadership opportunities for that individual.

  1. d.Individual Leadership Coaching. We offer individual and group leadership coaching to focus specifically on the strengths and talents of the individuals.

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About Coaching Out of the Box®

’Coaching is one of the fundamental skills of leadership. Effective coaching is inspiring, motivating, challenging, building confidence, providing actionable feedback and unleashing creativity and talent.  It is leadership in action.’

- The CEO Refresher

Coaching Out of the Box® was specifically created for busy people who want to learn the art of coaching. This program can be delivered in a variety of formats from a one-day format, two- or three half-days, or through an interactive series of meetings or teleconferences.   At the end of the program participants will leave with a set of coaching skills and their own box of coaching tools.

Designed by coaching pioneer and Master Certified Coach, Alison Hendren, Coaching Out of the Box® has been delivered to organizations throughout the United States and Canada including:  The University of Texas, The University of Phoenix and Royal Roads University where it is used as the foundational framework for their Graduate level programs in Executive Coaching.

Why this Program?

Organizations today face rapidly changing expectations, technologies and stakeholder demands.  Success means having an edge.  Today’s leaders are charged with maximizing their own performance as well as that of those that work with them.   By supporting individuals and organizations to maximize their potential, coaching brings out the best whether it is in performance, communications, relationships or team building.  Coaching skills are important competencies for leaders to maximize their competitive edge.

This highly interactive program is designed for those leaders whose time is precious. It is a step in providing leaders with the concepts and skills of coaching as a competency. During the workshop, leaders will be introduced to the 5/5/5 framework for successful coaching:

  1. Bullet5 Guiding Principles for successful coaching,

  2. Bullet5 Step Coaching Exchange Process, and the

  3. Bullet5 Core Coaching Skills. 

Participants will discover powerful coaching techniques that will enhance and grow their communication and leadership skills.

® denotes the trade-mark of The International Coaching Group Inc., which is used under license